About Us

Manufacturing Granada Pomegranate Wine is done on a family traditional way, that gives the wine its vintage delicate taste.  The wines are produced by a first-class pomegranate species named “wonderful”, that raise on the family  farm— located nearby the winery.

Producing this special wine is done all in-house, starting from raising the pomegranate, fruit picking, manual seeds dismantling, by producing the wine on a traditional recipe. The Pomegranate Wine process includes 4 months of fermentation, and additional 8 months of aging—providing the wine its harmonic delicate taste.

Granada winery producing a small amount of high quality wines, that produced in personal touch without industrial machinery. The Winery facilities where built with a high-standard building, with temperature and humidity controlled rooms.

The winery is producing 2 Pomegranate Wine species:

  • Dessert Wine
  • Dry Wine

The wine is known with it’s high standards, unique aroma, with great red-amber color . The wine delicate taste is without Astringency bases.

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